How To Raise Great Kids
101 Fun & Easy Ideas
See big improvements by making a few small changes!
Please, enjoy this complimentary .pdf of our book during these trying times.

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Book Reviews
This book is fantastic! A must-read for all parents with young children.
Mark G
 a great guide to enjoying life with kids from 5 minutes of reading a day.
Dave n Janna
I love this author. This book was very easy to read, it is an easy book for both parents to read and share ideas. 
Jaclyn garrett
message from the author - Jim Gromer

Ugh! Life sure can get messy...

My wife and I want to make our (Mommy Blogger Approved) book of 101 fun and easy parenting tips FREE to help terrific parents just like you. If you know anyone else who might appreciate this, please pass it along. We want to do whatever we can to make this short season (hopefully) as painless as possible.

Hang in there. We know you can do this!

About The Book

This book was written for busy loving parents just like you!

The author offers humble suggestions to help raise respectful, hard-working, and obedient children. Using mostly dinner and drive times to play learning games, give your children the tools they desperately need to be joyful and successful.

Making only minor adjustments to your daily routine, you'll find creative ways to regularly connect with your kids. This isn't a major overhaul, toss out the TV, and home school your kids or they're doomed book (but you certainly could do that!). Instead, this book offers practical, no-nonsense, and surprisingly easy ideas.

Teach your child about relationships, finance, and how to stand up to a bully. Then learn the best techniques for getting your kids to help around the house without complaining. The author covers everything from effortless bedtimes to the most frustrating discipline issues. 

This book overflows with practical advice on even the toughest parenting issues: How do I stop temper tantrums? How should I teach them about money? How do I get the kids to stop arguing? What's the best way to deal with a non-eater? How can we handle smart phones, tablets, and laptops? 

"How to Raise Great Kids" tackles all of these issues and more! Entire chapters are dedicated to short games that teach a specific life lesson and keep your kids engaged. This comprehensive collection of 101 techniques helps you joyfully navigate the most impressionable years of your child's life.

Make the most of your daily opportunities and enjoy the journey! 

about the author - Jim Gromer

Born in Denver, Colorado, Jim Gromer works as a film producer, author and screenwriter. He served as a Search & Rescue Swimmer in the U.S. Navy during the Somalian and Persian Gulf conflicts before beginning his television career in 1995, where he was nominated for three Emmy Awards and took home the honor in 2009. 

He hosted his own extreme sports TV show "Rocky Mountain Adventurer," where the author introduced viewers to sky diving, kayaking, paragliding, ice climbing and other dangerous pleasures.

Jim wrote his first book "How to Raise Great Kids" in 2015 and currently lives in Parker, Colorado, with his beautiful wife Rachel and their four (mostly) well-behaved children. 

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